What’s cool In Orcutt, Ca? TnT’s Yogurt, Smoothies and More

Pumpkin Spice Frozen Yogurt

What’s cool In Northern Santa Barbara County? That would-be TNT’s Yogurt, Smoothies & More located at 1102 E. Clark Avenue, at the corner of CLARK and Bradley in Orcutt California.

TnT's yogurt orcutt, ca

Are you ready for fall? Have you ever tasted pumpkin spice yogurt? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. It is a burst of delicious sweet and spicy coolness!

As warm as it is outside is it crazy to say that it put me in the mood for the holidays? TNT’s yogurt is so good that it something to be thankful for!

TNT’s has been in business since 1977. And has friendly New owners. They have a Passion for people, good times and offering up a great variety of delicious treats, such as Frozen yogurt, Ice-Cream, Sundaes, Smoothies, Shakes, Malts and Banana Splits! They have spruced up the place which has a brand-new look.  Lucky for us the selection of fresh, delicious flavors and traditional local’s favorites are available every day of the week.

TNT’s is not your run of the mill Froyo place. It’s not self-serve. The new owners love people and want their customers to feel welcomed and enjoy their experience as well as their treats.

This place is so fun and different than any other Yogurt shop that it reminds me of the famous Patti LaBelle song; I’ve got a new attitude.

When I go in with my friends, we have a good time sampling “All” of their yummy flavors of frozen yogurt or ice-cream.

If you’re a pineapple lover, you’ve got to try the Disney Land Dole whip.

When the holidays roll around I for one, will be buying gift certificates and the biggest container that TNT offers, which is called the “Flipping Huge” of the pumpkin spice frozen yogurt to serve to my guests at home.

AJ, Tonya & Kyla Williams

TNT is newly, family owned and operated by AJ and Tonya Williams along with their lovely daughter Kyla.

Warning; TNT’s frozen yogurt ice cream is addicting.