This Island Girl has a Story to Tell

Santa Catalina Island has been a home to many people for at least 8000 years. The first European settlers came in 1542 and contacted the Native American tribe called the Pimungans. In 1846, the Island was awarded to Thomas Robbins as a Mexican land grant. In 1919 William Wrigley Jr. became the owner of the island. Robin Cassidy, owner of Silver Canyon Pottery loves to talk about the history of the island while she helps you create your own tile. Robin is a genuine soul and really brings the history of the island to life.

Robin has been calling Catalina Island home for 50 years.

Silver Canyon Pottery

The island sparked her hobby for making pottery and tile. As time went on she was hired to do much of the restoration of tile work on the island.

She has created beautiful work for over 25 years. Robin specializes in color inlay tile reproductions. You can see her amazing work on the Sombrero Fountain.

Create your own artwork with Robin as she tells you more history of the island.

Silver Canyon Pottery

Silver Canyon Pottery Studio is located on the East end of the island known as Pebbly Beach. At her studio, not only will you learn all about pottery, tile production, and different types of rocks and minerals that can be found on the island but you will also make one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

While at Silver Canyon Pottery Studio you can take home useful and beautiful items like tile number sets with your address to place in front of your home. Seeing these on your home will always be a reminder of how beautiful Catalina Island is. It is literally bringing home a piece of the island. This is great place for all ages because you do not need any experience. When you visit the beautiful island make sure to stop and see Robin at her studio.