The Locked Inn- Live Escape Room in Grover Beach

Clue number one: it’s not what it seems! Have you ever wanted to be trapped in a room and allowed 60 minutes to figure out how to get out? No? Well, after you visit The Locked Inn in Grover Beach, you may feel differently. The Innkeepers and owners, Jessica and David Sawyers, have brought an escape room to the Central Coast, and it’s a game changer.

For those of you who have never heard of such a thing, it might come off a little unusual or extreme. Escape rooms have become a trend in overseas countries like Germany, Ireland, Asia and, believe it or not, the state of Tennessee has become the United States escape room capital. Who would have thought? These types of establishments can be meant for entertainment, a special occasion, or a team building exercise!

After opening their doors in November of 2017, The Locked Inn has provided people with a unique thing to do on the Central Coast, rather than the typical visit to the park, beach or local restaurant.  Come get trapped in a room and rummage through a room, to gather clues and break yourselves out! The Locked Inn is the only escape room experience available between Fresno and Santa Barbara, California. Currently, The Locked Inn offers two rooms. They recommend at least four people per experience, and a total of up to eight.

The owners feel it important to always provide a room with intermediate difficulty and a room with a more advanced stage of difficulty. We started with the intermediate room, and we were not disappointed!  It was the right thing to do, given our entire group was full of first-timers. Without saying too much, we will say that within the first three minutes of visiting The Locked Inn, we knew that they meant business!

Inside of the escape room, your job is to look for clues and figure out puzzles, to advance to the next stage. Don’t worry, if you get stuck, you and your group can decide to receive a clue. We are proud to say, that the Keys 2 the Coast group who visited The Locked Inn in July, was able to escape in 54 minutes and 18 seconds and boy did that time fly by quickly!

After we completed Room 751, we were left wanting more and practically ready to jump into the other room, for the next challenge! Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Just visit their beautifully designed website, where you can make reservations for your next visit. It’s conveniently set up, so that you can get a synopses on the different rooms, read the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, and more.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, The Locked Inn will be offering a Halloween experience!  The word on the inside, for The Locked Inn’s 2018 Halloween theme, is “Bloody Mary”.  Each year, they will have a different themed escape room, from the beginning of September, to the beginning of November, to freshen and change the experience.  Maybe you want to do a birthday celebration at The Locked Inn? Or possibly a wedding proposal? The Locked Inn will take into consideration all of your needs, for whatever occasion you are planning and fix the room up the way you need it to be, for that special person. They have even done gender reveals!

The Sawyers husband and wife team, really does a fantastic job of keeping the rooms exciting and fun; they have a true passion that lies in their work. In February of 2018, The Locked Inn volunteered to open its doors to former war veterans in the area. A locally owned business on the Central Coast that believes in giving back to its community, is always a plus in our book. Come to the Locked Inn in Grover Beach, you will not be disappointed with your stay.