The Historical Hitching Post in Casmalia

Hitching Post Sign

The Central Coast of California is famous for Santa Maria Style barbecue. It has become so popular that Sunset Magazine wrote a full feature spread touting the taste, methods and popularity of Santa Maria’s claim to fame. Where is the best place for barbeque on the Central Coast? The Hitching Post in Casmalia is no doubt,  hands-down the best of the best, according to Keys 2 the Coast and most every local you ask. They also have a location in Buellton, California that is equally as good. 

Hang out where all the locals on the central coast.

The Hitching Post in Casmalia has a long history. What once was the Casmalia Hotel in the early 1900’s was transformed into one of the best steakhouses on the Central Coast. The restaurant has been redesigned over the last century, but the walls are still the same. One other thing that hasn’t changed is the terrific, tender, flavorful barbecue that has made The Hitching Post one of the best steakhouses in the state. Only live-oak is used for this caliber of California style barbecuing and the Ostini Family has been serving up steaks the ”right way” since 1952. The secret to making their barbecue world famous? The Ostini family cooks with only the finest beef and they use red oak wood from the local scrub oak trees, to fuel the fire for their indoor grill.

Live-oak is the secret to California style barbecue.

Hitching Post Steak Plate

I can personally attest to the fact that The Hitching Post rules when it comes to barbeque. Last week, a few close friends and I got together for dinner. As we arrived, we were immediately greeted with the sweet and savory aroma of fresh barbeque that wafted through the restaurant. We took a look around, seeing all the historical newspapers about the area and about the restaurant. When you walk in, the hundred year history of the Hitching Post and Casmalia itself is plastered on the walls. 


From start to finish you will never be disappointed.

The entire meal was amazing from start to finish. All dinners included a fresh vegetable tray, bay shrimp cocktail, dinner salad, choice of home cut french fries, baked potato or grilled vegetables, garlic bread, coffee or tea, ice cream or sherbet. My friends and I were amazed and impressed by every single course that we had. As soon as the food was brought to the table, it was silent. We all simply enjoyed each morsel. Each bite was tender and the meat cut like butter.  The ribs were thick and dry rubbed. We all left dinner that night with full stomachs and big smiles. Hitching Post ribs

Treat yourself to a dining experience at The Hitching Post in Casmalia. It will be a truly unforgettable experience. For any questions, contact them at (805) 937-6151 or visit their website at The Hitching Post

By Jasmine Arechiga