The Garden Mediterranean Restaurant and Cafe, A New Flavor in Town – Santa Maria, CA

By Gaby Mendoza

So many culturally different restaurants are popping up on the Central Coast and all of them aspire to become some of the best restaurants in the area. A lovely, Mediterranean style restaurant, definitely qualifies to be in that category.

The Garden Mediterranean Restaurant and Café, is making a name for itself in central Santa Maria. Many types of food, from different countries, fall into the Mediterranean style genre: Greece, Italy, Spain and a handful of North African Countries, but The Garden Restaurant will give you a taste of traditional Syrian flavors, with a touch of Lebanese.

The ambiance of this restaurant will have you feeling as if you were in the presence of Greek royalty. With beautifully hand-painted art from wall-to-wall and nicely illuminated by elegant light fixtures, this environment will be sure to have you feeling as if you were in the spot where the food originated! The restaurant also has a family-friendly vibe that makes you feel very welcome to their table. It’s even been said, that the chef will sometimes come out to greet the ones that feast on his delicious entrees. It’s always nice to have the true host come and say, “hi”.

The food here is authentic, down to the very spice and won’t leave the kitchen unless it is fresh. Do not come to The Garden Restaurant on a half-empty stomach, because their food portions fall abundant onto the plate. Featuring traditional dishes like, Dolma, Baba Ghanoush and Falafel, if you are not familiar with Mediterranean food and would like to get a variety of tastes, the “Set Menu” is highly recommended. You will be served with mouth-watering bites, like San Bousek, Labneh, assorted cheeses, Warak Enab and many more foods that are fun to pronounce!

As you can see, The Garden Restaurant makes sure to have close to an infinite amount of menu items to satisfy every customer’s taste. You will find yourself torn between so many choices! They even offer vegetarian plates, for the foodies who stick to their non-meat pallet. The Garden Restaurant also has beer and wine on tap. Make sure to make it out to their spacious patio, where you will find shade or sunny spots to your liking and plenty of comfy chairs. Don’t you just love a patio?

If you are in search of a great culinary experience, stop by The Garden Restaurant and Café, where the Mediterranean flavors are waiting.