catalina island

catalina island hillside

Catalina Island Oddities That Leave Us Wondering Why

By Donna / September 18, 2018 /

Catalina Island is full of interesting things to do, places to go, fascinating stories and intriguing mysteries. Did you know that the island’s bird park doesn’t have any birds? It’s true. When the bird park opened in 1929 it was a popular tourist attraction and held roughly 8000 birds. Island owners, Ada and William Wrigley…

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Glenmore Plaza Hotel

The Historic Glenmore Plaza Hotel Renovated
 – Victorian Charm with Modern Comforts

By Donna / June 29, 2018 /

By Amy Nguyen Avalon Bay has been through many wonderful changes since the 1880’s, making it one of the most unique island resorts in the country, and the Glenmore Plaza Hotel has been there to see it all! In 1891, work crews, fresh from completing the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego were transported to the…

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