Surfboards, gambling and ghosts? – Cayucos, California

Old Cayucos Tavern, Cayucos, CA

By Gaby Mendoza

Are you in search of a modest beach town, with a classic vibe of old buildings, holding boutiques and restaurants? Look no further. Many consider Cayucos, California to be the Central Coast’s quintessential beach town. With its classic buildings and low population, how can you not agree?

You will find surfers of all ages, in this town, that will tell you they’ve been surfing in Cayucos since they started. But the history goes much further back than just the locals claiming Cayucos to be the only beach town left.

Old Cayucos Tavern is one of the town staples, where tourists stop to get the Sin City experience, right here off Highway 1. Many believe it’s the perfect place that proves Cayucos has history for the books. Built in 1906, the Old Cayucos Tavern originated as an old cowboy bar. The way you see it now, is exactly the way it was back then. With the “liquor in the front, and poker in the back”. Yup, Old Cayucos Tavern still opens its poker room every Friday and Saturday night at 9 PM, to those who dabble in gambling. You only need a small imagination to feel like you’re a cowboy playing poker and having some cold ones in the Wild West.

For those of you who don’t like gambling with cards, the tavern also has shuffleboard and billiards tables,  if you’d rather take a gamble that way! The pool tables are surrounded by beautifully reproduced murals by a local artist. Live music entertainment can be found at the Old Cayucos Tavern on the weekends.

Less than 170 yards from the beach, this tavern lies right in the heart of Cayucos, tucked between all its shops and restaurants. Believe it or not, some visitors have even shared their stories of the Old Cayucos Tavern being haunted. With all those years of being in business during some of California’s most brutal times, you can’t help but to think there might be some truth behind those stories.

You will find Cayucos has murals throughout the town and Old Cayucos Tavern is home to one of them. The Old Cayucos Tavern is the perfect place to stop after a beach day and some shopping.