Sip and Shop in Morro Bay, CA

By Gaby Mendoza

Have you visited Morro Bay lately? If not, get ready for an adventure. It’s a magical place, where you can find sweet spots not only outdoors, but indoors, as well. First and foremost, Morro Rock is a spectacular site and the bay is gorgeous.  Seagulls caw in the distances and seals bark along the water’s edge.

Dorn’s Sour Dough French Toast plate Morro Bay, CA

Are you hungry?  Dorn’s Original Breakers Café is one of best places to go for breakfast, in Morro Bay. That is if you like great food and huge portions. Your breakfast will be so good, yet you’ll wonder why you keep eye-balling all the plates that servers carry past you, to other tables in the restaurant. It’s because it is all so darn good!  If you’re the foodie who likes to try something different every now and then, make sure to try their Sourdough French Toast!

The atmosphere alone, at Dorn’s, will infatuate you; Classic architecture, with a perfect view of Morro Rock, right across the bay.  Up for a morning cocktail? Try a classic Bloody Mary, Mimosa, or Red Dog. Dorn’s Café opened as Breaker’s Café, in 1942 and has been a local favorite ever since. There’s something comforting about a local restaurant having only had three owners, all from the past three generations of families.

Embarcadero Street is the main drag, where you can find an unexpected treasure, tucked inside the array of gift shops. The Garden Gallery is a one-of-a-kind, whimsical garden, filled with artistically crafted pottery, benches, fountains, chimes, and it’s a succulent lover’s paradise. All ages will appreciate the creative and inviting layout of greenery and decoration at the Garden Gallery. Expect a cross between a gift shop and garden, surrounded by an art gallery. Stroll through the different sections of artistic displays and showrooms, while soothing your soul with sounds of water fountains, amidst lush green plants.

Garden Gallery Morro Bay, CA

Right down the street from the Garden Gallery, is the Libertine Brewing Company. Food, brews, and views, keep the locals and tourists happy. Libertine Brewing Co. will impress you with their well-known, sour beers. Not a fan of sours? Don’t worry, their variety of craft beer will be sure to satisfy every thirst. The great thing about the Libertine Brewing Company is that it gives you the pub feel in the front, but the upper-class restaurant feels, in the back. Depending on your mood… kick back with some friends and play board games or hang out at the front in the pub. If you want a quieter atmosphere, with a picturesque scene of the bay, sit towards the back. Either way, a good time is a sure thing.

Morro Bay is full of interesting and unique places. Check out the Babylonian Soap Company. This enchanting little shop will enthrall you, with beautifully crafted and packaged soaps everywhere. They almost look like something you could eat, like individually wrapped cookies! With the founder knowing first-hand how important it is to use natural products on sensitive skin, you will be impressed by the variety of high quality, natural care products. The Babylonian Soap Company makes paraben and sulfate-free soap, which is hard to find.

Live life to the fullest, while you sip, shop and savor, all that Morro Bay has to offer.