Serenity Meets the Sea in Los Cabos

Beautiful view

Have you been to Los Cabos? The flight time is 2 hours and 20 minutes from LAX to Cabo San Lucas, and the drive from the airport to the Viceroy is only 20 minutes. Trust me. That is where you’ll want to stay. 

White sand
White sand and waves are a stone’s throw from your room

The Property

If you’re into stunning architecture, absolute luxury, and over the top dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…Viceroy Los Cabos will satisfy the soul and soothe the busiest of minds. Equally outstanding is the staff. Genuine smiles, conversation, and attention to detail will be noticed from the lobby to the sand.

Facing the Sea of Cortez, this magnificent property has features like no other resort. It’s all about tranquility and the flow of water from your room to the sea.

Room view

Relax in comfort with a pool and ocean view 

Imagine walking into your luxurious suite, looking past the alluring bed, spacious room with the giant flatscreen (that you’ll never turn on) to the outdoor living space. Floor to ceiling glass doors separates the bedroom from the terrace. This is the space and place where you can soak in your private bath, bath bombs, and sea salt included. It’s quite the experience to lay on your full-size outdoor bed overlooking pools of water that gently flow down to the pristine beach below.

Donna at the paradise

Viceroy takes me away…To where serenity meets the sea

Meandering paths take you past four stunning pools and uniquely designed still bodies of water that strangely calm and excite the senses.

The nest

Dine in the bird nest inspired restaurant surrounded by looming pools of water.



Breakfast at the Caesaro will impress the most seasoned traveler

Weekends aren’t enough. Keys 2 the Coast highly recommends several days’ stays. Wake up and enjoy espresso overlooking the mirrored pools reflecting the extraordinarily striking buildings from the Caesaro. Skilled chefs will prepare tasty dishes like savory mushroom and truffle oil omelets, red chilaquiles, or ricotta avocado toast. If you ask for fresh berries, you can expect the blueberries to be the size of concord grapes, and they’ll taste fresh off the bush.


The Viceroy is the epitome of what a couple needs to rekindle and connect

Montecito Village Travel nailed it when recommending a romantic getaway with a nice beach, warm sand, and a luxurious place to stay.


Cielomar restaurant is a fantastic rooftop bar

Fine Dining at the Cielomar

Dinner at the rooftop restaurant, Cielomar will provide an unforgettable evening. When it’s light, you can see the resort and revel in its outstanding beauty. After the sun sets, it’s a whole new experience. Waves crash in the distance as the buildings become lit in deep fuchsia and sky blues. Wise ones will research the time of sunset and make reservations half an hour before to enjoy both scenic sensations. The dinner menu offers many exciting and appetizing selections, and service is above and beyond. I mentioned to our waiter that I love churros but can’t eat gluten, and 20 minutes later, I was graced with hot and crispy, gluten-free churros that were, beyond words, delicious—my mouth waters to this day thinking about how good they were. 

Yes, I wrote about dessert first. I digress. Try the sea ceviche freshly prepared with coconut and lime with a little heat from serrano pepper for starters. Or, flavorful melted Oaxacan cheese & burned artichokes. It was difficult selecting an entrée, and the whole grilled snapper was a perfect choice. The fish was tender, well-seasoned, and perfectly prepared. Dinner was fantastic. Artful, outstanding, and tasty dishes worth writing home about. 

The nest

At night the Nest lights up and buildings brighten in fantasy fashion.

inside the nest

An early morning look from the Nest to the tranquil reflecting pools

The Nest is architecturally unique in every way. It is truly one of a kind. I first noticed The Nest from the lobby and wondered what it was. Structurally it is peculiar and enthralling. The Viceroy lobby pathway will lead you between the pools to a small restaurant and bar appropriately named El Nido or “The Nest.” El Nido is truly a sight to behold. An encasement of woven branches creating an enclosed nest that appears to hover over the water. This is the place for cocktails and an unforgettable dining experience. It’s open-air, so dress accordingly. Follow the path a few more steps, and you’ll find yourself at the beach.

view from the nest

The bird nest is surrounded by looming pools.

Offsite Nearby Fun

The suites, pool, bar & lounge, and restaurant boast stunning panoramic views of the beach. If you’re interested in snorkeling or swimming, Palmilla’s Beach is another gorgeous, swimmer-friendly beach and is a short 10-minute drive from the resort.

Worth a stroll downtown 

The resort is within walking distance from downtown San Jose del Cabo. Ask the front desk about renting a complimentary bicycle, or they are happy to arrange personal transportation or a taxi. Whichever transportation you chose, you’ll feel as if you’ve pedaled or driven straight into a movie set. The service is exceptional. Take a short walk or ride one of the complimentary bikes to many charming restaurants or galleries. That is if you can pull yourself away from the resort. If you decide to go offsite, dinner at El Fish & Grill at the Plaza el Pescador is highly recommended. The seabass is delicious and Sergio, the owner, is a charmer.

Viceroy Los Cabos is a must-see luxury destination. This magnificent property was originally built in 2016 as of Mar Adentro and Viceroy took over in late 2018. The resort was conceptualized by Miguel Angel Aragonés and features a mixture of contemporary and modern Mexican architecture that is unlike anywhere else in the world.  It’s no wonder why Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards named it the #1 Resort in Western Mexico and TIME Magazine stated that it’s one of the World’s Greatest Places to visit.

The design is truly a sight to behold and somewhat hard to describe. The minimalist white buildings emerge from the surrounding pools, which mirror the structures. In the evenings, the purple and blue lights transform these reflections into something dreamlike and almost surreal. 


Enjoying life

“ Everything is better at the Viceroy. The intimate vibe is just one of the many things that set the Viceroy apart from other fine resorts.” ~Montecito Village Travel

Viceroy Los Cabos is located on the coast of Baja California in San Jose Del Cabo, where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean. 

The most seasoned traveler will appreciate the uniqueness and attention to every need and detail that the Viceroy Los Cabos fulfills. A few days away will delight and inspire with experiences that will be stamped on your memory. 


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