Sedona, Arizona

If you do not know about Sedona, Arizona, then it can safely be said that you will be quite surprised by the unexpected sight that awaits you. There is little else in nature that is so simple in its essence yet so mesmerizing than the view of a sea of red sitting where you would normally expect green and brown.

Sedona is especially known for its array of stunning sandstone formations that stand out tall and strikingly red, glowing in a surreal shade of brilliant orange whenever the sun shines on them. You will not find better backdrops to take pictures against than this scene right here: an assortment of otherworldly looking peaks jutting out against a blue sky under the sunlight. This Schnebly Hill Formation is entirely unique to the Sedona region which makes it one of the most tranquil and beautiful sites to visit for a relaxing vacation.

Sedona has a bit of everything for everyone and accommodates the taste of almost every tourist that visits. Take a hike through the desert area, go on a bike trail, or fish in the Oak Creek Canyon for a quiet day out in the warm summer weather. Or you can attend one of the many Art festivals arranged in Sedona, go fine dining to explore local cuisine, or even embark on a spiritual experience which Sedona has been known for. If you are looking for a bit of fun and adventure out in the open, you can always go for a Jeep Tour which will take you through the wilderness and the rugged train. Then stop to admire the clear, starry skies that stretch for miles at night and capture the beauty of Sedona in your eyes forever.