Sculpterra Combines World-Class Wine with Sculpture, Ironwork, and Gardens

sculptera winery paso robles, ca

At 14 feet tall, this Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden cat weighs in at 17,000 pounds.

Visiting the Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden in Paso Robles was a fantastic experience. The entry gates were exquisite and ornate iron. Just beyond the gates, grew colorful, lush, ripe grapes that begged to be photographed. As soon as I stepped out of the car, the uniqueness of this place enchanted me.

In Paso Robles, it’s easy to find magnificent wineries that range from stately resort style properties to small family owned vineyards.
Sculpterra is owned by Dr. Warren Frankel who is a family practitioner and philanthropist currently living in Templeton. Dr. Frankel moved to Paso in the early 80’s. His son, Paul Frankel is the Winemaker.

Sculpterra is situated in the Linne Valley just east of Paso Robles. It originally began as a 37-acre pistachio farm. Dr. Frankel then builds the winery and planted the 125-acre vineyard. In 2005, the first Cabernet Sauvignon was produced and the beautiful tasting room opened in 2007.

What makes Sculpterra a rare gem is the blend of magnificent sculptures, piquant wines, gardens that are artfully well tended and extravagant ironwork features.

The gardens around the winery have gigantic bronze and granite sculptures that were created by the late John Jagger, who was a friend of Dr. Frankel’s. These sculptures are truly a feast for the eyes. The 20,000-pound granite sculpture “Puma” is an amazing piece of art. The first sculpture that I saw was the “Golden Morning” stretch cat. It’s 14 feet high and weighs 17,000 pounds.

The “Golden Morning” stretch cat is 14 ft. high and clocks in at 17,000 pounds!

Since Jagger’s passing, Dale Evers has taken over as the resident sculptor. Evers work is fantastic. My favorite is his bronze creation called Focus. It is a 24-foot-tall sculpture of a human form that is in the shape of an arrow set in a bow. It symbolizes the strength of mankind.

Robert Bentley is a longtime resident of Sculpterra and a highly respected blacksmith and ironworker. He is affectionately known as Dr. Iron. He added to the majesty and old world style of the winery by masterfully creating entrance gates and baroque style awnings as well as chandeliers and other art forms that grace the grounds and tasting room.

This property amazed me. It reflects the talent and imagination of many artists. The variety of art and the incredible massive sculptures are spectacular. I looked around in awe. Simple picnics or the grandest events blend well into this picturesque piece of paradise.

General Manager Kyle Coots passionately spoke about their commitment to giving back. “A portion of our proceeds go towards medical trips abroad and much-needed supplies….Dr. Frankel is also a co-founder of His Healing Hands which is a Global organization providing medical care to those who need it.”


The Mega Focus sculpture is a testament to the strength of the Human Spirit.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tasting. The Brazilian cherry bar was inviting and comfortable. The wine was wonderful and I love that the wine labels are tasteful drawings of sculptures.

My favorites wines of the day began with the 2013 Mega Focus. It was aged 14 months in Oak and tastes like fresh figs and blackberries with a jammy smooth finish. The 2014 Viognier displayed notes of apricot and honey, with the perfect amount of sweetness. It won the Silver medal at the Central Coast Wine Competition.

I also enjoyed the 2013 Grenache, which was a Gold medal winner. It was robust, with flavors of wild cherry and tropical fruit.

Paul has consistently turned out award-winning wines. This year the 2011 Paso Robles Ironworks- Cabernet Sauvignon scored 93 points in 2015 Wine Enthusiast. This Cabernet is named after Bob Bentley.
Marie Tosta nailed it when she stated: “Our wines tantalize your taste buds and do a tap dance on your tongue.”
Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden is open daily from 10-5 at 5015 Linne Rd., Paso Robles, CA 888-302-8881