Schooner’s Wharf is a Destination Sensation – Cayucos, CA

Schooner's Bar, Cayucos, CA

By Gaby Mendoza

Cayucos, California is the perfect place to get away, whether it’s just for the day or for an entire vacation. It has some of the best mom and pop restaurants in the area. Being right on the coast, seafood is one of the town’s specialty tastes. Schooner’s Wharf Restaurant is a favorite among Cayucos visitors.

It’s a welcoming spot with two stories and a fun vintage, fisherman-port style.  After you stop by for their delicious food and memorable service, you might become a fan, as well. Schooner’s offers a beautiful deck, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on their upstairs patio. It’s known for offering a priceless view of both the pier and the beach and if you make it in time for the sunset, you will feel like as if you’re inside of a storybook.

Schooner’s is also one of the few locations, in this small beach town, that has a full bar. Wine lovers will also appreciate their extensive wine list. The bar is small, but cozy and has its seats facing the beautiful view of the ocean, to go along perfectly with your preferred drink. The bar has a funky, eclectic style inside, with beautifully mastered paintings of marine life that will take your breath away. They have a great beer selection and the regulars will tell you, they make a fabulous Bloody Mary. Dog lovers will be glad to hear that Schooner’s is a pet-friendly place, on the patio.

The food here is an exceptional treat to your taste buds, after a long day at the beach. Pecan Crusted Halibut, Clam Chowder, Ahi Wonton Bowl, Ahi Egg Rolls, Crab Cakes, Ciopinno, and so many more mouth-savoring dishes. The Oysters Rockefeller are delicious! They come to the table freshly out of the oven, with steamy goods sitting on top. 

Schooner’s also fixes any vegan dish, if you ask! Can’t make it for lunch or dinner? Sometimes, when you go to a restaurant, you get the ambiance, but not the taste or the taste and not the ambiance. Schooner’s truly offers both, in one dining experience. “If you’re looking for memorable ambiance, friendly and attentive service, a great view and the best restaurant by the beach in Cayucos, Schooner’s is a solid choice”, one guest says. It is hard to beat tasty food with a fabulous view, so come to Cayucos and enjoy this oceanfront beauty.