Bet you didn’t know Santa Maria California is the largest city in Sana Barbara County…this factoid comes as a surprise to many people who automatically assume Santa Barbara to be the largest city in the county that shares its name. But in fact, it is Santa Maria that has emerged over the past decade as the tail that wags the proverbial dog. And besides being the largest city between Ventura and the Bay Area, the Santa Maria/Orcutt area combines with nearby Lompoc, Los Alamos, and Santa Ynez Valley to become one of the top areas in California for wine-tasting in the world.

In the Santa Maria Valley, there are 12 vineyards all of them open to the general public. Each and every one of these 12 properties boasts a uniqueness not only in terms of its aesthetics, but each property’s “vibe”. And needless to say each grape producers hand-crafted wines are quintessentially independently terrific. And Santa Maria isn’t only known for its assortment of fine varietals, but also world-famous for its “Santa Maria Style BBQ,” with some of the best tri-tip served up anywhere. The Old Orcutt area, located roughly 5 miles outside Santa Maria, is home to a variety of family-owned restaurants, wine bars, tasting rooms, spas, and also what is commonly believed to be one of the oldest bars in California. And you all of this with a classic old-town vibe.

Santa Maria is at its core a family-oriented city of 100+ thousand, however it also boasts options for sophistication. For patrons of the arts, for example, the PCPA theater company offers some of the most entertaining theater in California.But let’s not ignore one of the most simple of basic facts, Santa Maria is home to some of the most dynamic agricultural production and operations in the Western United States. From lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cilantro, and bell peppers, one crop that gets more than its fair share of attention are the strawberries…where each year thousands from around the state visit Santa Maria to attend its famous annual strawberry festival. Come for the wine, stay for of myriad of other fun and delicious reasons.

Modern Day Gold Rush

The Central Coast Wine Region has become a modern- day gold rush. People are jumping on the bandwagon, and in some cases, “can wagon.” Wine bars, Wineries and Breweries are popping up all over the California Central Coast.  Talking with owners and wine makers has revealed that this industry has become a long awaited second…

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Explore the Caves at Cottonwood Canyon Winery

Located on the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail, Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard and Winery is a beautiful sight to visit and wine taste some of Santa Barbara’s best wines. Nestled inside a 78-acre canyon filled with cottonwood trees, Cottonwood Canyon is a peaceful place to sit and enjoy a glass a wine, while looking out across this gorgeous property and the valley beyond.…

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The Santa Maria Country Club! What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

The start of a new year is a time of reflection and resolutions.  Along with hitting the gym or the latest diet, we get all worked up.  Then a couple of weeks go by, and well, you know the story. How about a New Year’s Resolution that’s FUN! If you’re looking for a lively, active, social…

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Santa Maria Fields

World Famous Santa Maria Style BBQ

Santa Maria valley is known for its beautiful scenery and its barbecue. One of the best things to do on the Central Coast is to, of course, eat Santa Maria-style barbecue. Good ol’ Santa Maria-style barbecue has a reputation for being one of the number one things to do in the area. When you visit…

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Waller Park Pond

Waller Park is Worth the Drive

Duck out of work and take a day trip to Waller Park in Santa Maria Have you heard the expression, “It’s a walk in the park?” As far as parks go, Waller park in the Santa Maria Valley is one the best and easiest for all ages to enjoy. Hike, fish, play or lay on…

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Atari Ya Santa Maria

Atari Ya – Top Spot for Japanese Food in Wine Country

  I have had the pleasure of visiting Japan twice in my lifetime, but long before I ever went, I had the sense that this Japanese Restaurant captured the essence of Japanese culture and flavors. And I was right! Now in their 34th year on the Central Coast, Atari Ya Restaurant is hailed by many…

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