San Antonio Winery in Paso Robles, Ca

By Donna Polizzi

San Antonio Winery majestically sits right off Highway 46 East, at 2610 Buena Vista Rd., in Paso Robles.

This family-owned winery, spanning four generations, was established in 1917 and opened in Paso Robles in 2010.  After 100 years in business, the experience shows.  San Antonio Winery offers a wide variety of brands, the owners and employees proudly boast about being the most award-winning winery in Southern California.

Classic Mediterranean style elegance enhances the visitor experience.  The festive tasting room surrounds the tasting bar.  It is spacious, inviting and has an incredible selection of interesting wine-inspired gifts, like magnums of wine decorated with the big 40 or other landmark years for personal and unique birthday gifts.  Beautiful glass items, art and gourmet food items like aged cheese or gourmet chocolates are available for purchase, as you wind through the fun and interesting tasting room.

The Bistro, which is open from 11 am to 5 pm for brunch or an early dinner offers delicious food to pair with award-winning wines, inside in the Heritage Room. Think about trying a delicious house-made pizza.  Even the dough is made daily. On a lighter note, the salads are delicious and you have a choice of dining locations on the property. Dine at the Patio Alfresco, overlooking the creek bed, or dine at the Fountain Patio, under bright-red umbrellas, in the midst of wine country, with the year-round great weather.

Many of the wines are noteworthy.  The Opaque Darkness is a smooth yet bold, red blend of 2014 Wines. You could call it a super-blend. It’s rich, it’s bold and it’s delicious. Kind of like the perfect mate, don’t you think? Year after year, the Opaque wines have won too many awards to list.  They say it’s like excitement dancing on your tongue.

The Stella Rosa brand was created roughly 14 years ago and it is believed to be the most popular wine brand across the county.  Primarily known for the delicious reds, especially if you enjoy semi-sweet wines and the sparkling choices are very popular.

San Antonio Winery is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a blend of good wine, food and a shopping experience in a friendly setting.  San Antonio Winery is open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm.