Never Underestimate the Power of the Brow

Frida Kahlo

They speak volumes. They can smirk, question and show delight.

Many times, you can tell how a person is feeling by just looking at their eyebrows. Whether they are mad, sad or happy. You can tell that your mother is upset with you by the way she looked at you and how one eyebrow would rise up. Perfect eyebrows are priority to many people.

Picture perfect eyebrows.

Microbladed Eyebows

Eyebrows micro-bladed after first session.

Filling in my eyebrows everyday was the part of my makeup routine that I dreaded the most. My eyebrows would take longer than the rest of my face. I had to make sure they were even, shaded in the right way, and arched perfectly. Some days my eyebrows were great and some days I filled in my eyebrows too close together. Technically, If I didn’t do my brows…it was a bad hair day.

Donna and I had talked at length about eyebrow trouble. We discussed the idea of getting our eyebrows micro-bladed. The trouble that we endured was finding the perfect person to do our eyebrows. You have to put a lot of trust is someone to do your eyebrows. I had to stop getting my eyebrows waxed for a year because someone waxed half of my eyebrow off.  When we found Stacy at California Brow Company, we were excited to finally schedule an appointment and they were so highly recommended the fear subsided.

Stacy at California Brow Company is an expert at microblading.  Technically it is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool with a several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Before getting my eyebrows micro-bladed I was aware that there would be some slight pain because I have had the experience of getting a tattoo before. Donna did not have any tattoos, so the pain was a little more intense for her. 

After the microblading is done there is a fourteen-day healing process. After the procedure there is some peeling that takes place. After the healing process there is a need for a touch-up because you may have some ink loss. I have never had my phone ring so much from Donna sending me pictures of her eyebrows asking if it was normal for her eyebrows to do this. I thought I would I have to shut my phone off from all the pictures of her peeling eyebrows I had to see as they morphed into brows that she loves. The chart below is a great example of the rollercoaster emotions you will go through to get the perfect brows. In the end, we were both thankful for Stacy and the work that she did for our eyebrows.  

A rollercoaster of emotions that lead you to your perfect brows.
Eyebrow Healing Chart

Stacy has been in her current location at 1622 South McClelland Street for two and half years. 

“I wanted to create a comfortable and soothing place for all my clients to feel relaxed and beautiful when they leave” says Stacy about her eyebrow studio. Stacy makes everyone feel welcomed with soothing music and great conversation. She loves to interact with her clients while making them feel at home. Fixing one brow at a time.  


By E’Ana Bordon