Montecito is to Beverly Hills what Beverly Hills is to Los Angeles. Meaning as Beverly Hills boasts a higher concentration of the rich and famous relative to Los Angeles, so too does Montecito possess an even more elevated level (per capita) of rich and famous relative to Beverly Hill. Indeed, Montecito is home to many of the super-rich including Oprah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jeff Bridges, Ellen DeGeneres, Rob Lowe, Dennis Miller, and the list goes on and on. But what also makes Montecito uniquely unique is its proximity to what some call the American Riviera, Santa Barbara.
Montecito is a visible enclave for the rich and famous and the reason is simple, it beautifully appointed streets, and roads are featuring impeccably charming boutiques, restaurants, and bakeries. Coast Village Road rivals any high-end commercial streets in America and with a fraction of the traffic. It is worth the time it will take you to park and stroll…grab lunch, do some shopping, and indulge in a relaxing and comfortable spa treatment. If you want to pamper your self, Montecito is the place for you. And because Keys 2 the coast is your online resource for the best places to wine, dine, explore. Montecito has been one of our continually featured features from the very beginning.
What few out of towners know about Montecito is it has some of the most incredibly beautiful and serene hiking trails in California…what better way to get in some exercise while immersing yourself in the lush, dense forest, and creeks on one side, and the spectacular Pacific Ocean with views of the Channel Islands on the other? You can get lost in paradise if you’re not careful. Montecito is tough to beat. Perfect weather, world-class restaurants, bakeries, and shopping, light traffic, with walkable beaches, trails, and commercial centers designed to seduce you into having a memorably decadent experience.

la cavita sign

CAVA Restaurant and Bar – Montecito, CA

Montecito’s CAVA Restaurant and Bar are famous for a large tequila selection, specialty drinks, chips and “as fresh as it gets” guacamole. Cava is located at 1212 Coast Village Road in Montecito and has been a local’s favorite spot to enjoy Mexican food, since 1997. Have you ever tried a Mexican Burro?  It’s very similar…

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