CAVA Restaurant and Bar – Montecito, CA

Montecito’s CAVA Restaurant and Bar are famous for a large tequila selection, specialty drinks, chips and “as fresh as it gets” guacamole. Cava is located at 1212 Coast Village Road in Montecito and has been a local’s favorite spot to enjoy Mexican food, since 1997.

Have you ever tried a Mexican Burro?  It’s very similar to a Moscow Mule, but instead of vodka, it is made with tequila, ginger beer, and fresh lime. It is refreshing and crisp so beware…They are strong and one is, simply, not enough.

At Cava, you can expect delicious cuisine from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America and if you are lucky… Spanish guitar will be softly playing in the background.

Dine and devour deliciousness at Cava Restaurant and Bar for lunch or dinner…. or simply a drink with friends and fantastic guacamole.  Cava’s bar is inviting, the bartenders are friendly and the drinks are well crafted.

A great way to end the day is Cava’s “happy hour”, which is daily from 4-6pm.  It is one of our favorites and we love the comfortable vibe with a nice energy.

If you’re looking for privacy, Cava offers a private dining area, called the “La Cavita.”  It is a perfect spot for a private party.

It’s no wonder that Cava has been a success for so many years.

Cava Restaurant Montecito, CA

Locals go back for more and celebrities from near and far, frequent the restaurant.  One of the servers shared, that he never knows who will walk in the door next.

Kobe Bryant, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta and Ellen DeGeneres are a few of the big names that have enjoyed the specialties on the menu.

After a satisfying meal, I recommend that you explore Coast Village Road.  It is lined with unique shops and a large garden nursery.  If you’re in the neighborhood early enough, you simply must stop at Jeannine’s Bakery and Cafe at 1253 Coast Village Road, for amazing French Toast or something sweet and tempting.

If an afternoon or evening in Montecito isn’t enough, stay at the Montecito Inn.  The room that I stayed in had a unique feature.  The room had two queen beds and two full bathrooms. It is ideally located, a great value and it is walking distance to the beach.