Mattie’s Bar and Eatery in Pismo Beach, Ca

Pismo Beach has no shortage of great restaurants and another has been added to the list.  Dining at Mattie’s Bar & Eatery, at 558 Price Street in Pismo Beach, has locals and tourists raving about the distinct and delectable dishes prepared by Chef Rebecca.

Madeline Moore, “Mattie” the owner, and her longtime friend Rebecca have teamed up and created a casual dining experience with freshly prepared creative food that is delicious and delightful from the very first bite.

Chef Rebecca… Has an impressive resume. Since space is limited, let me give you a taste of her experience.  Rebecca cooked for the Governors dinner for Arnold Schwarzenegger, a private State dinner for President Bush at the White House and she is a culinary gold medal award winner.

Chef Rebecca shared, “We want to offer our guests a variety of fresh foods, healthily prepared in extraordinary ways. Mattie and I are making this a special place to have fun, eat delicious and visually stunning food. Our guests have said that our food is seemingly too good to be healthy. We hear the word ‘WOW!’ a lot around here.”

Bacon wrapped dates Mattie's Pismo Beach, CA

If you’d like an appetizer simply bursting with flavor, try the bacon-wrapped dates. Flavors meld together when goat cheese is stuffed into plump dates, wrapped in bacon and grilled to crispy, sweet, salty and savory perfection. They are scrumptious, paired with a 2014 Tolosa Pinot Noir.

As of late, many restaurants are offering Deviled Eggs on their appetizer menu.  I can give you a dozen reasons why Chef Rebecca’s eggs and other unique dishes will delight and make your taste buds want to do the tango. Biting into the perfect, creamy, deviled egg, topped with candied bacon and fried onion, is an experience.

One of the most interesting, colorful and flavorful salads ever created, is Mattie’s Grilled Watermelon, with the roasted shishito peppers, goat cheese, and red onion, with a champagne vinaigrette in a balsamic glaze reduction.

The clam chowder is the best I’ve ever tasted. It is topped with crispy bacon and basil. It is so good it should be in everyone’s pantry.  Unless, of course, your allergic to shellfish.  How is it that this clam chowder can be so darn good when Chef Rebecca is indeed allergic to shellfish and she can’t taste it? Rebecca said that she can tell by the smell, texture, color…she “just knows.”  Apparently, she does.  It is so popular, that Mattie is in the process of canning it and setting up a distribution network.


The main course is a difficult choice to make when you’re looking at a menu with options like roasted rum raisin chicken, that is topped with sautéed raisins in a Malibu rum and a demi-glaze sauce.

If you’re a meat lover, Mattie’s offers up a tender, melt-in-your-mouth, 8-ounce filet mignon, with a savory Cabernet reduction and garlic butter.  Two sides come with the entrees and the cheesy polenta is the ultimate comfort food.

If you like seafood, the mahi-mahi can’t be topped. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the delicious, slightly spicy, tequila mango chutney, that crowns this delicious, fresh fish. Try it with crispy Brussels Sprouts, prepared with cranberries, caramelized in white wine and a side of the coconut scallion rice. It will probably be the first time you’re inclined to rave about rice. I could make a meal of the rice alone, it’s fantastic.

Mattie’s serves Alaskan King Crab or peel and eat shrimp by the pound and it’s served up with roasted corn and roasted red potatoes.


“At Mattie’s, the service is friendly, it’s intimate and the food is scrumptious. It is a great place in Pismo for appetizers or to have a really good meal”, stated David Zavala.

When you go to Mattie’s, allow yourself enough time to relax and fully savor the scrumptious dishes that will be coming your way. It will be time well invested.