Lovers Point in Monterey, Ca

Keys 2 the Coast is constantly searching for the best places to wine, dine and explore on the California Coast and we have officially declared that Lovers Point State Marine Reserve, in Monterey Bay, is one of the most scenic spots in all of California. It is truly a top ten travel destination that must be seen to live life to the fullest.

Monterey is located on the Northern portion of the California Central Coast.  Monterey is 118 miles South of San Francisco on Hwy 101.

Average year-round temperatures are a pleasant range from 57-70 degrees.

It is no wonder why Monterey entertains well over 8 million people and growing every year. Visitors flock year-round to experience the surreal beauty of this area. If you haven’t been to Monterey, get there. Imagine thunderous, huge white waves crashing onto the sturdy shore and bursting over the rugged, rocky coastline. The color contrast of the deep dark blue sky, crystal clear turquoise water, Whitecaps and the rich colors of the rocks and boulders make for an unusual stunning, visual masterpiece. Prepare yourself as your breath catches…the beach will simply take your breath away, with its unparalleled beauty.

Monterey Bay is well known for its dynamic, vibrant and diverse marine environment. The striking turquoise waters team with endangered wildlife. You can expect to see kids of all ages out on their surfboards, watching as the sea otters swim and glimmer in the sunlight.  Paddleboards floating off in the distance, as well as the ever-changing activity, can’t compete or distract from the amazing serenity you’ll find at Lovers Point.

Check out the Lovers Point rock staircase. It’s not something you find every day at a beach and it’s always great to see the Pacific Ocean and coastline from a higher elevation.

You’ve heard the adage, bloom where you’re planted? It is baffling and astonishing when striking, green plants sprout and thrive from a mere crack in the side of a cliff wall.

After a long day of sunning, hiking, ocean sports and enjoying the seagulls soaring above, you’ll be hungry.   Keys 2 the Coast consistently recommends the Beach House Restaurant at Lovers Point.  Check out the outdoor patio, which was recently given an update.  The patio seats approximately 30 people, so it is always good to make a reservation in advance.  The patio was appropriately renamed The Solarium.  It is the place to go for a fantastic meal, with a view that will make you want to linger.  The outdoor patio overlooks the Point and there is no better view to be had.  The Fire Cracker Shrimp and the Pot Pie are simply scrumptious.

California has no shortage of amazing destination and places to wine, dine and explore.  Monterey is my favorite place to tide pool.  It offers a peek into the deep.  Interesting fish and often starfish, also known as sea stars, can be seen in the rock pockets where water and creatures are trapped near the seashore.   It’s a treat to see them in tide pools since divers are known to spot them up to 20,000 feet below the surface of the ocean.  The colors are vibrant shades of red, orange, blue, brown or gray.

But I must say, that the Monterey Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.  As waves crash and send towering sprays of salty sea water high into the air and as they surge into the rocky coastline, this is Mother Nature at her most vain.  She is showing off.

Be aware that Monterey Bay is a National Marine Sanctuary. Make sure that you don’t take anything home with you. Fishing is not allowed. Taking plants, rocks and even seashells from this reserve will get you in big trouble; as you will break the law, if you take anything home.

Relaxing is inevitable, as you hear the sounds of waves slapping up against the shoreline and Seagulls, also known as Herring Gulls, making their very distinct “keow” sounds, soaring overhead. These birds are stronger than they look.  I witnessed a full bucket of chicken lifted from a would-be picnic.

Plan your trip, get up and get out there.  It’s a big wonderful world. We all work too hard and life is meant to be lived to the fullest.