La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant in Paso Robles, CA

I stopped to have Brunch at an awesome little restaurant, called La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant It’s a small restaurant that is big on atmosphere and has a big city, downtown buzz. Craig Newman, the bartender, said…” I love working here. My co-workers are like good friends.” Craig makes a mean Bloody Mary. It is a work of art, loaded with lemon, lime, shrimp, crispy bacon and slices of jalapeño olives, celery and pickled onions.La Cosecha Bar in Paso Robles, CA

Marshall Otwell, the piano player, Daryl VanDruff on drums and Kevin McDonald on Bass, rocked the house with good music, while artists in the kitchen created some impressive and delicious dishes, which I was told are local’s favorites, including Huevos Espano.  I ordered one of the best omelets I have ever eaten. It was scrumptiously loaded with house-made sausage, fontina cheese, red bell peppers, onions and generously topped with avocado.  I will go back to try other menus items.

Owners Carole and Santos MacDonal, opened the restaurant in 2013.  “Our goal was to create a New York or San Francisco style restaurant, that people will want to come back to again and again,” stated Carole. The brick walls and rustic, re-purposed wood, gives it a cozy, comfortable warmth.   Light fixtures are made with blown glass.

I have seldom been in a place where the employees and the other guests were so friendly.