Alice Murphy – Central Coast Artisan Spotlight

Alice Joy Murphy artist

The Central Coast is gifted with beauty, natural wonders, and endless talent. Recently, Keys 2 the Coast held an Artisan Contest and it was a difficult task to select 3 winners.

Congratulations to...Alice Murphy. She is truly a gifted artisan.


Getting to know Alice Murphy

Imagine a miserable cold day, October 1st, 2013, at London Heathrow airport. A brand new mom cradling her 3-month-old baby boy saying tearful farewells to her family under the departures sign.

She is about to embark on a trip of a lifetime not just in the foray of motherhood but to a place she has never set eyes on before.

Alice Murphy is wondering if it’s possible to feel homesick before even leaving her home country. While tucking the blue scarf her mother gave her round her new baby, she hauls her carry on and the babies changing bag towards terminal 5 and her flight to LAX.

Six and a half years later, Alice Murphy has made The Santa Ynez Valley on the central coast her home and is an up and coming commission-based fine artist. Art was a subject Alice studied at school for two years, and through her 20’s she dabbled in art as a hobby.
Drawing horses is something she especially loves. When Alice wasn’t riding her pony around the Hampshire countryside she would be laying on her bedroom floor sketching Horses and coming up with names and stories for her subjects.

Passion is contagious-

Since arriving in the SYV Alice was primarily focused on her young growing family and in 2015 her second son was born. It was during a Mother’s of preschoolers meeting at the local church in 2016 that Alice was exposed to a couple of artists who had come to discuss art as a form of therapy. It reminded Alice how much she loved drawing and painting and as soon as she got home she unearthed an old canvas and painted a horse.

After that day she found she couldn’t stop. Art gave her a sense of identity outside that of being a mother and a wife. Having children had given Alice the patience to see a piece through to its conclusion and the artistic area in which she lived inspired her to believe in herself and her talents.

In 2017 Alice began working with pencils for the first time and they felt like coming home. What she could see in her head flowed on to the page. She found with pencils that they curbed her natural impatient nature as they are a very slow, highly detailed medium. It was around this time that she started to take commissions from friends and family and everyone was blown away by her work. She continued to practice and build up her portfolio and in 2018 she was juried into the prestigious Gallery Los Olivos in Santa Ynez Valley. Art on display at the gallery and subsequent exhibitions gave Alice the confidence she needed to become a professional full-time artist.

Success comes from doing what you love-

alice murphy horse colored pencil artAlice now takes on portrait commissions of people’s pets and animals locally as well as on the east coast and abroad. She aims to combine pet portraiture with fine art so that her clients don’t just have a picture of a treasured companion but also a piece of fine art in itself that will serve as an investment for the future and an heirloom for the family. Alice continues to do her portraits in museum-grade artists pencils that are resistant to UV fading on archival acid-free card. She finds that this medium enables her to go into great detail which is a key element in her work as well as giving the vibrant glossy colors that her work is known for.

Alice is held in high regard and has exhibited through The Gallery Los Olivos and other boutiques around The Santa Ynez Valley with a permanent collection available for viewing and purchase at Ranch-N-Back in Santa Ynez. She has also exhibited nationally for the American Academy of Equine Art and Fusion Art and is a member of the Color Pencil Society of America. Alice is greatly motivated to keep growing as an artist and to support her young family.

Alice is open for commissions now and can be reached via Instagram or Facebook, search for @alicejmurphart or through her website

Don't miss out on Alice's May 2020 feature in the online Fusion Arts Animal Kingdom Exhibition


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