Ignite the Fire Dance by Shane Mastriano – Central Coast Artisan Spotlight

Keys 2 the Coast Staff was tasked with finding unique and talented artisans.

Meet Shayne Mastriano

‘Ignite Fire Danceʼ was founded in 2013 by Shayne Mastriano after training shortly under the first fire dancer to ever perform for Cirque Du Soleil. Since then, heʼs performed as a half time performer for the San Fransisco 49erʼs and is currently developing and collecting a team of professional fire dancers, fire breathers, and variety acts for entertaining special events.

Together, they hold over 50 years of combined experience in fire arts and entertainment and have now performed at corporate events alongside Cirque Du Soleil and Red Bull.

Focusing on weddings and winery events, Ignite Fire Dance brings a new spin on fire arts. Providing a break from the traditional art form, they curate modern fire shows that push the envelope within their industry. Using an emphasis on talent, unique flame FX, and impressive amounts of fire have even landed them in music videos like one for famous rapper “French Montana” or as opening acts for “Sammy Hagar” from Van Halen. You might even recognize them from their involvement in the world record-breaking “fire breathing staircase” viral video, featured on ChiveTV and Tosh.O.

Ultimately, Shayne has a passion for inspiring others to realize and follow what it is that they love, whether thatʼs through shedding light on fire arts, invoking happiness in an audience member, or by providing a stage to support local working performers. Feel free to follow www.ignitefiredance.com for updates.

Looking for unique performers?

IgniteFireDance combines variety entertainers to supply high quality performances for special events and celebrations.

Choose from:

  • Choreographed performances
  • Ambient entertainment


  • Roaming characters

Types of Performers

  • Fire Dancers & Fire Breathers
  • Hula & Luau Dancers
  • Led & Light Shows
  • Go-Go, Burlesque, & Pole Dancers

What You Get:

  • Professional service. We're always on time and in good spirit!
  • One epic show where no act is repeated.
  • Flame progression. A build up from small fire props to large fire props as the show heats up!
  • Stage FX and Pyrotechnics. We are the only fire dance company that works with the nations largest fireworks supply company!
  • World record breaking Fire-Breathers!