Five Reasons to Visit the Mediterranean in 2018

Mediterranean Hillside

Thinking of where to spend your 2018 vacation? Then the Mediterranean might be the perfect destination. Known for its excellent nightlife, healthy diet, turquoise water, good weather, picturesque islands and beaches, it is a must visit for anyone who wants to have one of the best vacations.

For a tourist, visiting the Mediterranean will feel like a dream come true, due to the changes that have been witnessed by the area over the years. Standout destinations in the Mediterranean, include Rome, Croatia, Lisbon, Barcelona, and Venice.

Here are some unique events that cannot be missed, from your 2018 Mediterranean holiday:

  • Colosseum Night Tour: if you are interested in learning about the historical culture that has ruled Europe for a long time, then you must take a trip to the Rome Colosseum, which promotes a great experience that takes you back to the ancient days.Rome
  • Cannes Film Festival: Also known as the world’s most famous film festival, the Cannes Film Festivals transform the Mediterranean into a global film hub. At the Cannes Film Festival, you have the opportunity to meet the biggest stars, watch new films and explore new places.
  • Monaco Grand Prix: Monaco Grand Prix takes place in Monte Carlo, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. During this period, the city is beautifully transformed for the Grand Prix racing fixtures.
  • Sónar Festival: Sonar Festival, which takes place in the city of Barcelona, is a meeting of people with creative minds. It premieres three days of art and electronics festival, with fantastic weather and lots of music. It is a festival you won’t like to miss.Barcelona
  • Fête De La Musique: Fete de la Mustique is the most popular celebration of the year. It takes place in all cities of France and marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. When you attend this festival, you have an opportunity to meet people of great minds and enjoy good music in Marseille, France.

Finally, when you travel to the Mediterranean, there is a great chances that you will be welcomed with a smile. The people are so nice. Indeed, there is something about living close to the sea that brings out the best in the people.

Mediterranean Beach