Feel Like a Hot Shot

Beer handles in pint glasses

Photo Courtesy ~ Hots Shots Billiards

Whether you are already enjoying a day in Pismo Beach or are looking for something fun to do in Pismo, Hot Shots Billiards is the perfect place to check out. Hot Shots Billiards has fourteen pool tables, arcade games, and air hockey tables. Feel free to stay as long as you like, because you can pay by the hour. Bring some friends or family and enjoy a fun time out. 

Enjoy Great Food and Great Drinks!

Being near the beach means that Hot Shots guarantees fresh seafood like fish and shrimp. Don’t like seafood, not a problem! They also have sandwiches, burgers and handmade pizzas that are sure to exceed everyone’s expectations. Don’t forget to grab a drink while you are chowing down. There are over thirty draft beers to choose from, the options are practically endless. With an ever rotating menu of drinks, there’s something for everyone.

Whether it’s with family or friends, it’s sure to be a good time.

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Photo Courtesy ~ Hot Shots Billiards

Are you mighty pool shark or just a small minnow? You do not need any experience to play pool and have a good time. Everyone is just there to have fun. You can even pay to play songs throughout the entire pool hall using the jukebox machine. 

My family and I went to Hot Shots recently and had a great time there. My grandmother was the one that suggested we check it out, as she had been there previously. We were able to get two pool tables because there were ten of us, but it just made our night that much more fun. We were able to play between the two tables going back and forth, picking out some music and having a drink. I have to admit that I am addicted to coffee so the P-Nut Butter Breakdown Stout w/peanut butter and coffee was the perfect drink to cap off my night.

Check out the Hot Shots Pismo Beach website for more information, or contact them at (805) 773-4542

By Jasmine Arechiga