Why is Keys to The Coast better than other search engines on the internet?

Keys isn’t a search engine…we are a Central Coast based website service. Our goal is to give you recommendations and offer itineraries on the best places to Wine, Dine, Explore and more.

Keys to The Coast’s selected destinations can’t buy their way onto our list of favorite things to do and see. They have to be screened and selected by us, and by our trusted network of people “in the know” who have actually experienced these locations in real life. Too often, the places we see on the internet “paid” to be there. Our recommendations are where we love to go and no one can pays us to say so.

Therefore, we truly are your Keys to The Coast.

Why should I trust Keys to The Coast, when there is so much information on the internet and social media on things to do?

A while back, our founder was on vacation in another area. She was searching the web for places to go, asking Siri questions on the “best of” in several categories. The results were beyond disappointing. At that point, she wondered how many people come to the Central Coast and have no idea where the locals love to go. How many locals and travelers are right around the corner from something amazing and miss out? Let’s face it, in business the person with the biggest advertising budget can end up at the top or search engines. That is why you can trust Keys to The Coast. You have our promise that no one can pay to be a recommended destination on our website. Destinations are picked based on our personal experiences.

Keys to The Coast provides a list of recommendations and beautiful pictures of the best places to visit absolutely free, no strings attached. We want to share this wonderful place that we call home. We also offer a customized itinerary that is uniquely customized based on personal information that you give us about what you like to do and any needs that you may have like traveling with kids or pets.

We give you insight on the places that we go and take our family and friends.
Another reason our site is superior to any search engine is because, as a result of our selection process, we notify the people that they’ve been awarded as a Keys to The Coast Locals Choice destination and we’ve asked them to treat you like a VIP when you get there.

We are confident you will have a memorable Central Coast experience. Also, while Google is certainly an amazing research tool, it can also be labor intensive. Every time you want to know what to do and/or where to go you have to type a new question into the search engine. On Keys to The Coast, you get multiple categories of interest all at once. You pick the region you will visit, and you will see the cities and all of the best things to do in each city based on your specific interests.