Every Hour is Happy Hour At the Hapy Bistro in Pismo Beach, CA


By Gaby Mendoza

Hapy Bistro in Pismo Beach is a Keys 2 the Coast favorite place to wine, dine and explore on the California Central Coast. Many people might walk or drive by the restaurant, without realizing what a gem of a dining experience that exists in the strip mall at 821 Oak Park Blvd., in Pismo Beach. It’s literally right next to Orchard Supply Hardware.

Hapy Bistro is at the top of the list to go if you’re looking for a unique dining experience, offering authentic Greek food and other scrumptious Mediterranean dishes.Hapy Pismo Beach, CA

The restaurant is charming. It’s comfortable, yet has an uptown, romantic vibe with rich, dark wood, soft lighting and the restaurant is lined with a wine wall, featuring a tremendous wine selection from around the world. One side of the restaurant has hundreds of craft beers and champagnes refrigerated and ready to enjoy at the restaurant or take home.

Let’s talk food! You must try the shrimp cocktail. It’s technically an appetizer, but it’s a meal in itself. Imagine a humongous bowl of fresh shrimp, chopped celery, red onion, celery and avocado, mixed with a delicious cocktail sauce. The house salad was so big, we thought our waitress brought us the wrong order. It was enough for three people. It was surrounded by delicious chicken bites, drizzled with herb seasoning.

Tony Polizzi joked, “They need portion control…because the portions are out of control.” Seriously, the portions are enormous. I don’t think anyone can leave without a to go box.

Hapy Bistro offers fresh, savory Greek dishes, like Avgolemono Soup, thick and bursting with rich, lemon flavor and is the ultimate comfort food.

For dessert, we highly recommend trying the apple bread pudding. It’s like French toast, a ‘la mode, on steroids. If you plan to only have one bite, be prepared to fail. It’s that good.

Hapy uses grass-fed beef, lamb, and chicken. Most of the fresh fruit and veggies are sourced from local farmers.

Many come for the ambiance or simply to have drinks at the bar. Thirty beers are offered on tap and the wine selection is huge. If you look up, the ceiling looks as if you are under a deep blue, starlit sky, with an occasional shooting star.

Hapy Bistro has another unique feature. A beautiful humidor room, lined floor to ceiling with a very impressive cigar selection. You will find hand selected imported cigars from choice growers that you can only find at Hapy.

Hapy Bistro is worth the drive for a dining experience that will be remembered. The service is excellent, and the food will definitely leave a big, “Hapy” smile on your face.