Destination Highlight: Lake Tahoe

If you are seeking a destination with exciting and varied activities, Lake Tahoe is the perfect option for you. Whether you enjoy skiing, hiking, pristine beaches, beautiful waterfalls and National Parks or just lively nightlife, there is something for everyone in this alluring town.

I will highlight some of the reasons why Lake Tahoe is the favorite vacation destination for so many people and why you should make this beautiful town the place for your next vacation.


squaw valley resort skiing lake tahoeIf skiing is your forte, Lake Tahoe is one of the premier destinations for you to explore and enjoy your craft. The perfectly developed downhill slopes in the area surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains are perfect for all ski levels-whether you are just starting out or if you are a professional. Some of the best skiers in the world spend their winters here, honing their skills on these beautiful, yet unrelenting slopes.

Lake Tahoe is also home to the largest concentration of ski resorts in America, giving you plenty of options to have the skiing experience of your life! Some of best ski resorts in the area include; Heavenly Mountain Resort, Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe and Diamond Peak Ski Resort. These resorts have several runs and chairlifts for everyone to enjoy! The Squaw Valley Resort and Diamond Peak resorts cover two of the most extensive ski areas in the United States. Squaw Valley hosted the entire 1960 winter Olympics, resulting in the area been termed as Olympic Valley or the Ski capital of the United States.

When you visit Lake Tahoe, you will see first-hand why so many Olympians train here, and you will have the skiing experience of your lifetime!

Beautiful Beaches

lake tahoe beach

Another compelling reason to visit Lake Tahoe is the availability of some of the best beaches on the West coast of the United States. The coastline of Lake Tahoe spans over seventy miles and is dotted by several beaches, perfectly suited for family picnics, BBQ’S, swimming or just relaxing and soaking up the enchanting Sierra sunshine!

Some of the best beaches on the Tahoe shoreline are; Pope Beach, Sand Harbor Beach, Lester Beach, Hidden Beach and Baldwin Beach. These beaches make Lake Tahoe an excellent destination for summer vacations.

Trekking and exploration

lake tahoe

An area that is at the foothill of an expansive mountain range that meets a sprawling lake is surely a place of natural beauty. Lake Tahoe is blessed with serene waterfalls, alluring national parks and thrilling hiking trails for you to enjoy. You can visit the Emerald Bay State Park to enjoy panoramic lake views, touring the Vikingsholm mansion, Eagle Falls, and the exotic Fannette Island, which is the only Island in Lake Tahoe.

Emerald Bay is recognized as a National Landmark by the Department of the Interior and is one of the most blissful and photographed areas of Lake Tahoe, a visit here should surely be on your itinerary when in Lake Tahoe. Some other equally alluring national parks include; North Tahoe Regional Park, Sand Harbor, Tahoe National Forrest, Van Sickle Bi-State Park and Eagle Point Campground. These areas provide you several options for hiking, camping or just enjoying the ruggedly beautiful outdoors of Lake Tahoe.


When you visit Lake Tahoe, you will realize that the many daytime activities available to you are just a part of what the destination has to offer. Lake Tahoe also has a vibrant and interesting nightlife for you to enjoy! Whether your interest is in casinos, lively nightclubs, pubs or sing along karaoke bars, you will be thoroughly entertained in Lake Tahoe. The availability of several casinos all across Lake Tahoe is one of the reasons why many people visit the area. Some of the coolest places for enjoying casino gaming are the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the Montbleu Resort Casino, Lakeside Inn and Casino and the Crystal Bay Casino.

Finally, whether you are seeking a winter or summer vacation in the United States, Lake Tahoe is an excellent option for you. You will be vacationing with some of the best skiers in the world in the best place for skiing in the United States when you visit in winter and will enjoy pristine beaches, unmatched hiking trails, camping opportunities and radiant sunshine when in summer! So, go ahead and book your trip to Lake Tahoe, you will have the experience of a lifetime!