Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Like the Irish with Montecito Village Travel

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

From Montecito Village Travel

In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all week long. Enjoy a weekend of festivities, including parades, live entertainment, street performers, food vendors, musicians, live marching bands and of course, a lot of Guinness. In Dublin, there will be no shortage of fake orange beards and “Pinch Me I’m Irish” t-shirts crowding the streets, but if you want to experience St. Patrick’s Day as a local, skip the tourist traps and head over to the annual parade. At the parade, you’ll see adults and children alike enjoying the music and events.

Although it isn’t quite the religious holiday it used to be, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is still something most locals spend with their families. Temple Bar is where visitors flock, year-round, but you can head out a few blocks if you’re after something slightly more authentic or take off to one of the local landmarks. Read Montecito Village Travel’s full blog post here.