Nature’s Art at Nojoqui Falls

By Donna / August 15, 2019 /

Nojoqui Falls Park has a beautiful waterfall tucked away in a backroad, just 10 minutes from the intimate Danish town of Solvang. The waterfall is much higher than you would think, and even when there’s just a trickle, the short hike heading up to the falls is one of the most remarkable walks you will…

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Los Padres Scenery

Camping at Los Padres National Forest

By Donna / August 7, 2019 /

Ask a Central California native if they’ve ever been to Los Padres National Forest and unless they’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, well-acquainted with the lay of the land, you’ll likely be met with a quizzical look. That’s because Los Padres National Forest is such a vast place, that you likely won’t know you’re passing through…

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Bacara Ritz Carlton

Ritz-Carlton Bacara – Seaside Luxury in Santa Barbara

By Donna / September 7, 2018 /

Are you up for an adventure on the California Coast?  If you want to stay at the best beach property on the Central Coast, the Ritz-Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara is a truly magnificent property that will not disappoint. Herve Humler, the co-founder of the Ritz-Carlton, has built a premier brand of over 100 hotels,…

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goodland goleta

Getaway to Goleta, CA

By Donna / February 9, 2018 /

Tourists are far more familiar with Santa Barbara and many people don’t know that the neighboring city of Goleta has much to offer. It is located 20 miles South of Solvang, and State Street’s main shopping and dining area in Santa Barbara is only 7 miles away. While exploring for Keys 2 the Coast, looking…

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monarch butterflies

Nature’s Majesty – Monarch Butterflies on the Central Coast

By Donna / May 20, 2016 /

By Blake Lewolt Imagine walking 3000 miles with no signs, no map, and no compass, traveling between 50 to 100 miles a day. That is exactly what Monarch Butterflies do every single year. Monarchs are the only species of butterfly that, (like birds) make a two-way migration every year. A true enigma lies in their…

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