Catalina Island Oddities That Leave Us Wondering Why

Catalina Island Casino

Catalina Island is full of interesting things to do, places to go, fascinating stories and intriguing mysteries. Did you know that the island’s bird park doesn’t have any birds? It’s true. When the bird park opened in 1929 it was a popular tourist attraction and held roughly 8000 birds. Island owners, Ada and William Wrigley Jr. were avid bird lovers. Unfortunately, after World War II the birds had to find a new home at the Los Angeles Zoo.

 If you’re paying attention as you enjoy your day strolling through Avalon you might notice that there is a Third Street but there is no First, Second, or Fourth Street. In addition, there are also no addresses to be found on Third Street. No one is quite sure why Third Street is even there.

 What lives under the water and flies?

Take the Catalina Express or a boat ride around Catalina Island and you’ll find out.  Fish that fly…Oh my!  Flying fish season is between May and September and it’s an interesting sight to see. Flying fish amongst the otters, seagulls, and seals is quite a sight to see.


Some find it creepy that a memorial has no bodies.  Wrigley Memorial is a mausoleum that sits on the island. The mausoleum used to carry the remains of Wrigley Jr. until 1947. Many people say his body was moved because of the fear that the island would get bombed by the Japanese.  The truth is that the family just wanted to make it a sight for anyone to visit.

Between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm, there are beautiful chimes that play. These chimes sit at the top of the hillside, above the casino.  It was gifted to the people of Avalon by Ada Wrigley.  Her goal was to bring joy to the town for the years to come.

Catalina Island is a one-of-a-kind place for everyone to enjoy. Let us know if you find any more interesting oddities or mysteries on your next visit.