Due to the lack of riptides, Carpinteria boasts some of California’s most walkable, and enjoyable beach access. Clean, white sand, raked weekly by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, is a testimony to the city’s leadership which understands the value of their beautiful, safe beach. With no smoking or motorized vehicles allowed on the city’s beach, Carpinteria’s beaches are a guaranteed fun time and safe experience for families with kids of all ages. The Carpinteria experience is one of almost a professional devotion to casual laid back-ism. A beach towel, bathing suit, and flip flops is all that is required to experience the town’s delightful offerings. No jacket required in this town, and ties and shoes are not completely but almost subliminally discouraged.

We challenge you to go to almost any town in America and ask them if they’ve heard of Carpinteria, and you’re almost guaranteed to hear the following, oh yeah, we used to go there when I was a kid and camp at the state campground. And why wouldn’t you? How many campgrounds can you think of that are immediately adjacent to the world’s safest beach, while also being accessible by foot to the center of this coastal town? Head over to Linden Ave, the main drag that connects the pacific ocean to the Carpinteria foothills, within a few thousand feet of the campground, and you can eat some great food, including at the world famous “Spot”, which is considered one of the best hamburgers this side of paradise. And while you’re at it, take in Mother Nature’s dueling, dazzling breathtaking scenes; the pacific ocean to the south, and the Santa Ynez Mountains to the north. Trust us when we say you’ve never seen a sunset or sunrise until you’ve witnessed them in Carpinteria.

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The worlds safest beach – Carpinteria, CA

Described as the last best place on earth, or the last best stretch of undeveloped coastline in California, or the world’s safest beach, one thing all can agree on,  is there are few small beach towns, on either coast, as quaint as the town of Carpinteria. This little jewel in California’s crown, is only four…

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Sand, Sun and Seals Part of Carpinteria, Ca

By Donna Polizzi There’s something for everyone amid the laid-back atmosphere of a classic California beach community. It can be reinvigorating to step away from the busy-ness of life long enough to enjoy the unlimited treasures that are around every corner of every city on the Central Coast. Many of us, even those of us…

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