The Best of Slow Living on the Central Coast

Poppies in California There’s a lot to love about the Central Coast, from its lush natural scenery to its vibrant culture. Unlike other metropolises, it isn’t as fast-paced or hectic, allowing its residents to take a breather whenever they want to. It’s no surprise that this part of sunny California has been attracting new residents from all over the country, in search of a warmer climate and better standards of living.

A lot of it boils down to rent, which has been steadily increasing in other areas like the Northeast. New York City, for example, has always been known for high rental prices. Real estate experts Yoreevo suggest that these prices will continue to rise, thus making it harder for people to live comfortably. Although San Francisco is slowly catching up with NYC when it comes to expensive rent, this trend isn’t reflective of the rest of California. California is also a leader in solar panels

Laidback lifestyles are the name of the game when it comes to the Central Coast, so it’s no wonder that lots of people decide to stay put. If you’re moving to the Central Coast or have been here since forever and want to try something new, here’s what we love about where we live.

You’re never too far from a body of water

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When you hear the phrase “Californian,” you’re probably imagining people lounging on the beach with sun-kissed skin. This stereotype is completely true; we’re blessed to be right next to the coastline, with beaches being a short drive away. The warmer climate also means that the beach is accessible throughout the year, with some even venturing out on chilly nights to hear the waves crash against the shore. 

California’s prevalent beach culture also means that every body is a beach body. You’ll see all kinds of people lounging on the sand and getting a tan. Simply put, everyone is just out to enjoy the beach. Quartz emphasizes that there are a ton of health benefits to living by a body of water, with people reporting overall better mental health that comes from the relaxing atmosphere that beaches provide residents. The next time someone tells you moving to the coast is good for your health, you’ll know they mean it. 

It’s heaven for art and culture aficionado

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While California is often associated with Hollywood, it’s also home to some of the most prestigious art institutions in the country. The LA arts scene houses an eclectic mix of fine art and more modern pieces, with Baku Magazine featuring places like the Hammer Museum and Hauser & Wirth at the forefront of the community. On the other hand, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art showcases art that reflects the diversity of its population. 

California’s entertainment scene also means that musical acts from all over the world flock here all the time. From headline concerts to intimate gigs, California’s music scene features the best and most innovative music.

The natural views are second to none


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Californian views are worth writing about, but sometimes even words can’t do it justice. Big Sur is just one example of California’s beautiful scenery, with rugged cliffs set against an ever-windy coastline. It has no shortage of gastro experiences either, like the famous Nepenthe Restaurant, which has visitors lining up for hours just to dine against Big Sur’s coastline.

Yosemite National Park is another must-see. For starters, the highest waterfall in the park boasts a drop of over 2,000 feet. That might sound overwhelming, but the stunning view makes the climb well worth it. If you’re not the daring type, you can also just camp under the stars at Joshua Tree or enjoy being surrounded by massive trees in Mariposa Woods for a magical evening.

You’re sure to be eating (and drinking) well

Speaking of dining, California’s food scene is unlike any other. For starters, the state’s diverse population means that there are all kinds of cuisines available, whether it’s fresh Mexican food or spicy Japanese ramen. Eating healthy is also a breeze as California imports and exports the freshest produce, which is why you’ll see countless people lining up for a fresh salad during their lunch break. 

California has also become synonymous with quality wine, with wine tours sprouting up all over the state. The Slow Road writes that while Napa Valley remains legendary for its wine, vineyards on the Sonoma Coast also create world-class various types of wine. This is the perfect place to convert your friends, and perhaps even refine your own palette. 

We love diversity in all forms.

California is known for being diversity across the board. People of different ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations all consider California home, thus adding to a melting pot of cultures that you can’t find anywhere else. 

A study done by WalletHub ranks California as the most diverse state, with Los Angeles and Long Beach ranking as the most culturally diverse cities in the country. While Californians love a good party, the amount of festivals we celebrate — Pride parades, Chinese New Year, and more — underscores a genuine appreciation for all the communities that have shaped California to the state we know and love today. So wherever you’re coming from, you’ll find a home here at the Central Coast.