Babcock Winery, Lompoc: Cheers to an Incredible Wine Tasting Adventure

Located off Highway 246 lies an inviting 110 acres of lush vineyard and beautiful countryside, enticing guests into the exciting Babcock Winery and Vineyards. Owned and run by partners Bryan Babcock and his wife, Lisa, the Babcock Winery and Vineyard offers their gusts a unique wine tasting experience, all in the comfort of an effortlessly chic tasting room.

Bryan Babcock:

 Having pursued his passion since 1983, Bryan Babcock has become somewhat of a pioneer in the wine business. His relentless experimentation and innovative approach has seen Bryan receive countless awards and recognition; the Los Angeles Times even selected Bryan as one of the “Ten Best Winemakers of the Year.” Describing his techniques as “a cathartic release from the status quo”, Bryan’s unique blend of craftsmanship and art has taken the wine world by storm.

A New Take on Wine:

Babcock Wines Bryan’s commitment to his work shines through in his incredibly fragrant and full bodied estate grown wines. Years of experimentation have seen Bryan develop a unique growth concept referred to as ‘Canopy Pivoting’. Bryan allows his grapes to spill down naturally in a canopy rather than forcing them to grow on a trellis, all the while maintaining a perfect cluster symmetry in the fruit that has gone on to produce some of Bryan’s signature cuvees. Bryan’s portfolio includes a range of “Terroir Extraordinaire” Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, with the 2011 ‘Déjà vu’ Pinot and the 2012 ‘Top Cream’ Chardonnay gaining considerable recognition.

Bryan’s repertoire also includes a signature Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon alongside some distinctive labels such as ‘Bright Fortune’, ‘Soulstruck’ and ‘Grape Hunters’.

Where does Lisa Come in?

Babcock Winery RecordsWithout Lisa’s passion for retail and past experience in the fashion industry, Babcock Winery and Vineyard would not be the world-class ‘wine and dine’ experience it is today. Under the guidance and artistic vision of Lisa, what was once a barn full of empty barrels is now the winery tasting room. The 5,000 square foot warehouse is now home to a blend of industrial chic art, beautiful antiques and vintage items. This mix of music, vintage luxury and world class wine makes for a truly wonderful wine tasting experience, with the barn often bursting with people, laughter and soul.

Furthermore, Lisa has converted the winery’s old tasting room into an ode to 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll. The ‘Soulstruck Lounge’ is home to a myriad of classic album art from rock n’ roll legends such as Led Zeppelin and The Doors, giving guests a blast from the past as they enjoy their wine and picnic fare in the tasting room or on the beautiful vineyard grounds.

One for the Bucket List:

Babcock Winery RoomBabcock Winery and Vineyard is a truly distinctive experience, setting itself leagues above other wineries in the area with their characteristic wine and nostalgic tasting rooms. Be sure to visit the winery on your way through Lompoc Valley, or book out the ‘Soulstruck Lounge’ for your next party or event.