Authentic Chinese Cuisine – Santa Maria, CA

Snow white chicken north china, santa maria, ca

By Donna Polizzi

I have been to countless Chinese Restaurants throughout the years. Many of them good. When it comes to authentic Chinese cuisine, the North China Restaurant, located at 113 N. Broadway, stands above the rest and is a Keys 2 the Coast favorite.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing they have an expansive dining room with lots of wall space.  The walls are literally lined with too many awards to count, from numerous sources.

walnut shrimp north china santa maria, ca

Peeking into the kitchen explains why North China is a multiple award winner.  Family members and long-time employees work in unison, chopping fresh vegetables and slicing and shredding fresh chicken, beef and pork.  Woks are swirling over flames, melding the flavors of fresh ingredients with different types of sweet and savory sauces.  Huge vats of War Wonton and Sweet and Sour Soup are prepared daily.

fresh dumplings north china, santa maria, caMost impressive was watching David Sun prepare fresh dough, rolling and cutting them into bite-size dumplings and preparing wontons from scratch. Even more interesting, is that he has been retired for 15 years, but can’t stay away.

Do yourself a favor and sit in a comfortable booth near the kitchen. This is the spot where an impressive parade of visually stunning dishes will keep you counting the moments until your dishes arrive. 

Pyramids of honey walnut shrimp, fried to a golden crisp, drizzled with honey and candy walnuts are piled surprisingly 10 inches high.  It is known as the “Golden Mountain.”

Sensational aromas waft by, with every delectable masterpiece.   A long-time favorite that tastes way too good to be this healthy, is the Snow-White Chicken. Sliced white chicken breast

North China, owner Michael Sun, Santa Maria, CA

 is stir fried with tender bamboo, fresh mushrooms and snow peas, then tossed in a white wine sauce.  It’s delicious.

Michael Sun shared, “Our family has enjoyed preparing fresh, authentic Chinese food for many years.  We are humbled and grateful for our loyal customers and many awards that we have won.”

If you’re a local, you know it’s the best.  If you are of good fortune and live on the Central Coast, North China in the Santa Maria Valley is well worth the drive.

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