Adventures in Atascadero, CA

By Donna Polizzi

It all starts and stops with great food… and Atascadero is a great place to spend a casual day from breakfast to burgers.  Start your day with a lovely breakfast at The Country Touch Café.  This family-owned and operated restaurant is located right off of El Camino Real and is run by a mother-daughter team.  The service is fast and friendly.  They can get busy on the weekends, but if you do stop during the morning rush, the homemade applesauce makes it all worth it!  Fresh applesauce is made with a perfect amount of cinnamon, that’s not too sweet. You will want to ask for seconds.

This is home cooking at its best. One customer stated, “The homemade cinnamon raisin toast is what dreams are made of!”  If you thought things couldn’t sound any more delicious, the Country Touch kitchen can turn any omelet into a burrito.  If it’s a beautiful day outside, take advantage of their outdoor patio area; it is spacious and has beautiful wrought iron tables and chairs.  The portions are huge, so breakfast will get you through your day trip adventure.

Roughly a mile north on Hwy 101, is Atascadero’s local theater.

The Galaxy Theatre Atascadero, CA

Galaxy Theater is fresh and new, with outstanding accommodations.  Buying tickets is a breeze and you won’t have any worries about the typical, first-come, first-served routine because you get an assigned seat.

Are you ready for this? This one-of-a-kind theater is one of the very few theaters that offers a large selection of beer and wine, to be enjoyed during your flick! The perk here is being able to have a beverage of your choice, in a public area, while seeing a new movie on the big screen. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see the VIP auditorium that allows only 21 and over adults. The seats have a high-back support and recline to the point where it feels like you’re sitting on a marshmallow. Won’t it be nice to sink into your seat, sip a beverage, savor popcorn and lose yourself in a great movie?

Do you like some historical facts? The Atascadero Historical Museum is no more than a six-minute walk away from the theater. Stop by and take a look at all of the archives. They have lots of interesting information from the historical town of Mexican land grants and the ranchero days. You will be completely taken back in time, as you walk into this quaint building surrounded by lush, green trees. Did you know Atascadero is the largest city in San Luis Obispo County?

Atascadero City Hall is right down the street and is a section of a beautiful park called the Sunken Gardens. City Hall, itself, is one of the historical buildings that still stands in this area. It is a sight to see, with its striking European architectural influence and a large, elegant fountain. It is worth going to this area to catch some sun or just take a seat on the benches and relax. It is also an excellent place for people watching.

Ready for a great burger. Right by the Sunken, is a burger joint called Sylvester’s Burgers. It is well-known as one of the best burgers on the California Central Coast and home to the biggest burger you will ever see.  It’s a great place to stop if you appreciate a nice, juicy burger, that will make your mouth water, just by looking at it.  Not just that, but it offers you that classic, American diner menu; hot wings, milkshakes, and beer on tap.  If you want to stop at a place with timeless recipes and defines local business and a favorite local’s choice, Sylvester’s is definitely the place to go.  It is well worth noting, that they have two additional locations in Oceano and Los Osos.

Sylvester’s Burger joint has the best burgers in town (Photo credit- Sylvester's Burger)

Sylvester’s Burger joint has the best burgers in town (Photo credit- Sylvester’s Burger)

If it’s your birthday, you’ll get a free burger and you’ll be treated like royalty. Sylvester’s has an unusual and interesting collection of goofy hats to pose with.  Your birthday photos might end up on their wall. Won’t it be great, when all of your friends see you with a huge, flamingo hat on your head and Elton John size glasses?